New Year's Promotion!

Can you believe 2017 is almost over? With 2018 nearly here we've decided start it off right by making it a little easier on your pockets - what better way to start your New Year's resolution off then with a membership to Phenom? As always, any membership for one person will be $25 a month. Family memberships are $20 a person and guest privileges can be added to ANY membership for an extra $10 a month. And of course, no contracts! But since we are kicking off 2018 we are offering the following promotion -- $10 enrollment fee waived for ANY membership 6 month paid in full = $125 (enrollment fee waived + 1 whole month free) Annual paid in full * best deal* = $250 (enrollment fee waived + 2 mont

Our Favorite Fitness/Wellness Apps

Nowadays you can do everything with your phones, from catching up on the news to sharing your entire life with the masses. Why not use it to get healthy and fit? Below find a few of our favorite apps that the Phenom staff likes to use. Note this isn't a sponsored post - we just really like to use these apps! 1) MyFitnessPal You've probably heard of this one - whether you're a beginner or advanced athlete, this app is very necessary. It's great when you're tracking your own calories and macros and you're able to even scan barcodes to add common items into your log. It also has tons of verified foods like popular restaurant items and typical mainstays like rice cakes and egg whites. You can en

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