Product Spotlight - Prosupps HydroBCAA

The world of sports nutrition can be complex and overwhelming. There are so many companies and an insane amount of opinions, and for every worthwhile supplement, there is some half baked product that promises to do something impossible - you'll spend your coin on it and then get let down when it fails to deliver - onto the next. Amino acids, however, are a necessity for everyone, no matter what your goal is or what kind of athlete you are. Whether you are into Crossfit, yoga, or bodybuilding, you must have a BCAA supplement in your arsenal. That may sound familiar to you if you are one of our personal training clients - we tell all of you to invest in some BCAAs. So we are very pleased to no

Sticking to Your 2018 Resolutions

It's 2018! Another New Year which means a lot of people will try to turn over a new leaf and start some healthier habits. New year, new you, right? Whatever your resolution may be - drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies or less meat, lose weight, etc. - there are some ways you can make your efforts more successful. 1. Write down your resolution(s.) There are many ways to do this. Make a note in your phone, write it out pen to paper, or type it up on your computer. The important thing is actually taking the effort to write down those new habits you want to make, and even better, why you want to make those changes. What will this new habit do to enrich your life? When you see something

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