Kevin Gallagher is a certified personal trainer and a dedicated, loving father. He can help anyone, but his favorite thing is helping people put on size! He's a no-nonsense trainer with a great sense of humor - you will get results and laugh while you're doing it! Outside of Phenom he enjoys hanging out with his kids and his wife Kristy, going to the beach and watching sports.


Bridgette Kelley is a well rounded personal trainer that specializes in everything from muscle building & sports conditioning to rehabilitation and geriatric training. She's all about proper form, function & sustainable training. When she's not training clients or herself, she likes to hike, enjoy live music and hang out with friends + her family pets Maggie, Marley, Katey & Kitty!


Patrick Jones is an NASM certified trainer - personal training is his passion! He makes an excellent addition to our accomplished trainers at Phenom. Patrick is skilled at training just about anyone, getting the most satisfaction out of helping his clients move past injuries and rehab with strength & conditioning principles. Outside of the gym, Patrick is an avid reader (especially about fitness!) & likes movies and horseback riding.



Lyndsey Brown is a certified personal trainer and is very positive and social. She loves getting to know her clients and helping anyone get in great shape. She especially loves booty building + flexibility/stretching! When she's not at Phenom she's hanging out with her husband Chase, cutting hair, and playing with her dogs.