3 Perfect Summertime Stacks!

Since it's now officially summer, the Phenom Fitness staff thought it was the perfect time to show you guys our favorite supplement stacks to help you achieve your dream beach body! Of course, no matter who you are or what you look like, you already HAVE a beach/swim ready body. But maybe you want to make changes, up your confidence, get rid of that last 10 lb of baby weight, etc., so read on if so.

Supplements are a great way to take your current performance and goals to the next level. They enable you to go beyond abilities that nutrition and exercise will not. Note that the below is just a guideline, and your nutritional needs will vary depending on your current fitness level, weight and age. If you have further questions about that, the staff at Phenom is always happy to help, or to design a custom nutrition, workout and/or supplement plan for you!

If you want to gain LEAN MUSCLE...

The stack

ProSupps PS Whey (1-2 scoops a day + peanut butter + a banana = perfect meal replacement treat!)

ProSupps iLoad

ProSupps AminoLinx

Pro tip - you can never drink too many aminos! Prosupps BCAAs Aminolinx not only taste delicious, they have other ingredients in there your body needs, like cissus for joint support and electrolytes for hydration. Feel free to drink on them all day to enjoy the full benefits, but at least drink 1-2 servings during your workout to help you power through.

If you want to BURN FAT...

The stack

ProSupps L-Carnitine 3000

ProSupps Crash

ProSupps Mr. Hyde Cutz

Pro tip - Fasted cardio + 1 tablespoon of L-Carnitine 3000 in the mornings will really jump start your fat burning potential. It can be tough to get up and do some cardio at first, so try to do at 20 minutes at first to start and work your way up. Hey it's nice outside in the mornings, and walking counts!


The stack

ProSupps AminoLinx

ProSupps Halotropin

ProSupps Dr. Jekyll

Pro tip - PS Halotropin is great for men AND women. All it does is increase natural testosterone that your body makes, and both males and females naturally produce testosterone. An increase in T equals enhanced strength and stamina and improved training results, regardless of gender.

Now granted, this is not an exhaustive list. For example, every single stack out there could benefit from including AminoLinx. There are tons of supplements and brands out there, so it's important to educate yourself as much as possible and research. With that being said, the stacks above can be a great start! They include some of our favorite products from our favorite brand, and if our clients are taking these supplements from this brand we can be sure they are taking in quality supplements. Do not begin any fitness regimen or supplementation without consulting your physician, but if you have questions for us, you can reach us through our website (the "contact us" form is at the bottom of our homepage!) or we can be reached on Instagram and Facebook, @phenomfitnessnc.

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