What's the deal with Kangen?

Kangen water, a brand name for alkaline water, is water that is less acidic than tap water or even most bottled water sold. It is believed drinking alkaline water helps our bodies metabolize nutrients more efficiently and expel toxins. Because it is less acidic, it is full of alkaline compounds like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Research on the benefits of alkaline water versus tap is ongoing, but there are plenty of testimonials out there about the benefits of Kangen water when used habitually, including the staff at Phenom.

Phenom Fitness acquired our unit from a close family member that had been battling cancer. Copious Internet research led them to articles about how alkaline water balances the body, and that a body that is overly acidic is unhealthy and prone to cancerous growths. After going into remission, that family member gifted us the unit, although she still drinks the water daily. After her experience - she swears by it - we became very interested in what would happen if we switched to drinking Kangen water exclusively, even using it to make coffee or tea, although we approached it with a ton of skepticism. This blog is written more than a year after we decided to make the switch.


Alkaline water is basically the best tasting water you've ever had. Even if you're the kind of person that hates the taste of water (like me) you will be converted once you try this. As an athlete I try to drink around a gallon of water a day, and before trying Kangen I would have to flavor it with Crystal Light or something - not good. I no longer have to do that, although if I drink other varieties of water I struggle again. It just tastes very clean - imagine extensively filtered or fresh water drawn from some artesian spring, but even better.


Because alkaline water tastes better, it was easier to drink a lot more water. We also found ourselves feeling more hydrated even if we didn't get the full gallon in, and when used during a workout it seemed like we didn't tire as easily (assuming the alkaline water was neutralizing lactic acid buildup, preventing premature fatigue) and wasn't nearly as sore. I am really bad about supplementing with my BCAAs (that's a topic for another blog post) so sometimes soreness is an issue for me, although less so since I've switched.


Our unit has a range of pH available that we can do, and the lower the pH the more acidic the water becomes - if you recall from chemistry, anything with a pH below 7 is "acidic" and anything above 7 is "basic" or alkaline. The alkaline water for consumption can be set at 9.5, 9.0, or 8.5. Then there's "clean" water which has a pH of 7.0, which can also be drank or used for light cleaning purposes, mixed into solutions, etc. Then there's "beauty water" which has a pH of 6.0 and can be used to cleanse/tone the skin. The last setting is a strong acidic setting for sanitation at 2.5, and can be used to deep clean just about anything. You are free to purchase water at any of these settings, although most people just purchase their Kangen water by the gallon only to drink.


Obviously we are spoiled now and cannot do without alkaline water. I am the number one convert. I thought that it wouldn't make a difference at all and it definitely has. Even just based off taste alone!

We are refilling all gallon water jugs for $3, or a basic water bottle for $1, so come by and try it yourself!

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