Wintertime Bulking Stack!

As the temperature goes down we all start feeling cozy and it gets harder to get to the gym. But if you'd like to use the cold season to put on some winter gainz, this blog is for you! Below you'll find our favorite recommended products (by ProSupps of course) to help you pack on some lean muscle this winter. Note that these are general guidelines and recommendations, and we are able to make you a more detailed, customized nutrition/supplement plan to fit your individual needs.

PS Isolate

WHAT - a delicious protein powder made with a high quality triple cold filtered whey protein (no cheap fillers or amino acid spikes here!) that comes in an array of flavors. Can be mixed with milk, water or milk substitute  (we love the chocolate blended in unsweetened vanilla almond milk and ice) or made into a smoothie.

WHEN - You can use the protein as a meal replacement for your needs but we find it especially handy in the morning for breakfast with oatmeal or after a workout.

WHY - When trying to add size you need to consume plenty of protein. A quality protein shake is the perfect addition to your diet - quick and easy to digest.


WHAT - This supplement often confuses people, but the Prosupps site definitely says it best:  

"I-LOAD, short for 'Insulin Load', was designed to increase insulin sensitivity. Insulin is the most powerful anabolic hormone in your body that has the ability to increase protein synthesis, inhibit protein breakdown and transport glucose, amino acids and creatine into muscle tissue. ... Insulin also has a huge nutrient-partitioning effect, driving food (and stored food energy) into building muscle instead of building fat."

WHEN - Best when ingesting carbohydrates, like during a cheat meal - perfect for Thanksgiving!

WHY - Who doesn't want to use a supplement that prevents your body from storing excess carbohydrates into fat?

Dr. Jekyll NitroX

WHAT - A preworkout powder with low stims (100 mg of caffeine to be exact) and plenty of pump inducing ingredients. The new NitroX formula contains 500 mg of Nitrosigine, a new ingredient that helps you get an insane nitric oxide powered pump - Dr. Jekyll now feels stronger than ever and comes in delicious candy flavors like Pixie Dust and Lollipop Punch.

WHEN - Take a scoop straight or mixed in 4 or 6 oz. of water 20-30 minutes before lifting.

WHY - Provides increased blood flow and vascularity and ingredients like beta alanine increase endurance. Because it's low stimulant you can easily stack it with other products, like a fat burner or a 1/2 scoop of Mr. Hyde - just be responsible and heed all warnings and instructions!


WHAT - AminoLinx is a complete amino acid supplement with BCAAs and EAAs, electrolytes for hydration, cissus for joint support and beta alanine and citruline malate for endurance and to prevent fatigue. It doesn't hurt that every flavor tastes delicious - mango passionfruit is our favorite!

WHEN - You can drink as much Aminolinx as you want just about any time. A lot of people will drink on a scoop during the workout, and another scoop right after, although due to some of the ingredients some will have a scoop before the workout as it can function as a mild, low stim pump preworkout. Some people add several scoops to their jug of water and drink on it all day! It depends on your personal preference but no matter how you use it AminoLinx belongs in your supplement arsenal.

WHY - Muscles are made of amino acids, and when you lift heavy weights, muscle fibers are affected and torn. Supplementing with AminoLinx will help your body with soreness and will rebuild those muscles stronger and bigger, which is what we are after.

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