Our Favorite Fitness/Wellness Apps

December 16, 2017

Nowadays you can do everything with your phones, from catching up on the news to sharing your entire life with the masses. Why not use it to get healthy and fit? Below find a few of our favorite apps that the Phenom staff likes to use.

Note this isn't a sponsored post - we just really like to use these apps!


1) MyFitnessPal

 You've probably heard of this one - whether you're a beginner or advanced athlete, this app is very necessary. It's great when you're tracking your own calories and macros and you're able to even scan barcodes to add common items into your log. It also has tons of verified foods like popular restaurant items and typical mainstays like rice cakes and egg whites. You can enter your weight, height, activity level and goals into the app and it will actually design a macro based program for you. While no replacement for a custom plan made by a trainer, it can be a useful tool for someone familiar with dieting.

Available for download on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Cost: Free, but upgrade to premium for a monthly fee after a free month's trial to unlock certain content and be ad-free


2) Fitbit Coach

Formerly known as FitStar, this app is the training partner to the Fitbit app and trackers, but you don't need to use a Fitbit tracker to reap the benefits.It includes a plethora of guided bodyweight workouts, training programs, and audio cardio workouts. You can get a workout in as little as 10 minutes with little to no equipment needed, perfect for a business trip or anyone crunched for time.

Available for download on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Cost: Free, but with upgrade access more workouts and programs.


3) Headspace


You're probably familiar by now with the benefits of mindfulness and meditation (those benefits apparently include less stress, better sleep and more focus) but sometimes it's tough figuring out where to start or to find the time to meditate at all. The Headspace app keeps it easy and accessible. Choose from an array of sessions of varying lengths, some as short as a minute, and you'll find it easy to squeeze into your busy schedule.

Available for download on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Cost: Free, but with upgrade to access a wider variety of meditation programs for a monthly fee.



While no app can be a replacement for one on one work with a trainer, it doesn't hurt to have a few useful things in your arsenal to help reach those fitness goals. Let us know if you try any of these programs!

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