Product Spotlight - Prosupps HydroBCAA

The world of sports nutrition can be complex and overwhelming. There are so many companies and an insane amount of opinions, and for every worthwhile supplement, there is some half baked product that promises to do something impossible - you'll spend your coin on it and then get let down when it fails to deliver - onto the next. Amino acids, however, are a necessity for everyone, no matter what your goal is or what kind of athlete you are. Whether you are into Crossfit, yoga, or bodybuilding, you must have a BCAA supplement in your arsenal. That may sound familiar to you if you are one of our personal training clients - we tell all of you to invest in some BCAAs. So we are very pleased to now be carrying HydroBCAA by ProSupps!

Amino acids are the "building blocks" of protein, and if you remember anything from high school anatomy you may remember muscle fiber is made of protein. Therefore, amino acids are the "building blocks" of muscle. When you lift weights and get sore, keep in mind to grow you are literally tearing the muscle. It repairs itself and grows over time. By supplementing with an amino acid supplement you are able to recover more quickly and support lean muscle growth.

HydroBCAA is superior compared to other amino acid supplements on the market for many reasons. Not only does it contain BCAAs (branch chain amino acids like leucine and valine, made by the body naturally and quickly absorbed) but EAAs as well. BCAAs help the body by reducing protein (muscle) breakdown and stimulating muscle protein synthesis, therefore helping you grow. HydroBCAA also contains EAAs, which are "essential amino acids." Essential means they must be obtained through diet and supplementation because the body does not produce them on their own. EAAs also prevent muscle breakdown and promote cellular repair, among other benefits. Along with being a complete amino acid supplement, HydroBCAA includes electrolytes as well to optimize hydration.

In flavors like Texas Tea, Blackberry Lemonade, and Miami Vice, HydroBCAAs can be something you can look forward to drinking before, during, and post-workout. And with no sugars or artificial colors added, you can confident about what you're drinking.

NOTE: We are Powered by ProSupps because we know we can stand behind their products 100%. Everything they make is strenuously thought out and tested and requires a team completely devoted to making the best product from the ground up, with the best ingredients, the best taste, and the best packaging. We believe in offering our clients and members the best, and Prosupps always delivers! With all that considered, keep in mind this is not a sponsored post, we just really like this supplement :)

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