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First time at Phenom? READ THIS!

The gym can be a scary place when you first start going, but it's supposed to be fun! Keep reading to see how you can get the most out of that first gym trip...

If you're feeling nervous about your first visit to Phenom Fitness, you're not alone. A lot of our current members and clients have told us that they were also nervous, even intimidated, before their first trip to Phenom. Now all of these people are happy and comfortable, and coming to the gym is one of their favorite respites from day to day life.

We often say that Phenom is a serious place to workout with the most serious folks - meaning, regardless of your goal (and our members' goals run the gamut, from flexibility to bodybuilding to powerlifting to overall wellness) - you're serious about attaining that goal. You aren't at the gym to pick up a date and (although our lighting is very aesthetic) you're not there to focus primarily on your burgeoning #fitstagram account. Nope! You're there to workout, and maybe make some new friends while you're at it. You're there to learn, to be motivated and to push others. Your're there to be inspired. But we also understand that culture can be intimidating if you're not in the mix of it. Don't worry - you'll be in the mix soon! Here's how.

  1. Dress in comfy clothes and bring any accessories