Let’s make progress in the gym!

Hard truths 🔥🔥 what can we say, we woke up in a spicy mood today. This applies to anybody with any goal, whether you’re trying to cut, bulk, or just get strong. Tighten up these things and see that progress trend up 📈

  1. are you looking at your phone constantly between sets? If that notification isn’t an emergency, put the phone down. There’s a marked difference between the workout you get when you’re constantly checking your phone vs when you zero in on your own lift and go at it unplugged. Not to mention, social media isn’t always the best thing for our mental health. It can be tempting to fall into the comparison game while scrolling. It’s a trap! Put that phone down.

  2. Most folks don’t eat enough for their goals! Even when you’re trying to lose weight. You can’t do anything (gain muscle, lose BF, etc) when you’re denying your body nourishment. No wonder you’re craving sweets at night — you’re on poverty calories all day!

  3. If you’ve ever worked with a personal trainer, you know they push you to be better. They encourage you to lift heavier (safely, of course) they fix your form and they keep you engaged. This can be tough to do on your own but proceed with the mentality that you can (probably) work harder than you are. WWTD - what would a trainer do? Lift like a PT is coaching you through and see what you’re capable of!

  4. On the flip side of that, rest is SO important. It’s just as (if not more) important than the work you’re putting in. Similar to not eating enough, if your body is under duress from stress and overtraining, it cannot do many functions (like muscle building and fat burning) without feeling safe. Practice self care, lower stress, get enough sleep, and take rest days (or even a rest week) when needed. The difference this can make in your abilities and your motivation is absolutely mind blowing!

  5. When I say “inconsistent” & “unpredictable” I don’t mean when you have an off day or a bad workout for whatever reason. I mean when you’re consistently… inconsistent. Day after day. After all, it’s not about the occasional blips that happen through the month/year. It’s about what you consistently show up and do. If your effort is regularly irregular, you will have irregular results. Buckle down bit by bit (changing small habits one or two at a time is easier to stick with!) to start seeing some real improvement.

What do you think? Are you seeing something you can tighten up in the gym so you can get to making some changes? What tip is most helpful to you? As always, if you need more guidance, you know you can hit us up at Phenom to help you reach the next level!

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