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Merry Liftmas!

If you somehow missed the social media post(s) and the email but ended up here anyway, then I'll drop the details here about Liftmas! Taking place next Friday, 12/23 from 6-8pm, Liftmas is basically the Phenom Pham version of a Christmas party for all our members. Everyone at the gym will be lifting together, there will be holiday music playing and plenty of good-natured trash talking. Even better, the BBQ master himself, Hunter "The Swine Chronicles" Foster, will be preparing chicken and pork BBQ sliders for all of our members! Most importantly, we will be holding a lifting competition. That's what you really want to hear about!

We are planning on there being 3 weight classes for men and 3 for women. As stated before, the competition starts right at 6pm, so make sure to come early to warm up AND sign up, so that we can get you in the right weight class. The final weight class distribution depends on who actually shows up that day, which could also affect how many weight classes we end up having.

Competitors will be performing three lifts --

1) Squat