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After leaving ProSupps back in 2019, I knew if I was ever affiliated with another supplement company, it would have to be something really special. The opportunity to work with Ryse Supplements came along and once I tried the products, it was a no-brainer. Everything they make is cutting-edge, fully transparent, backed by science and the flavors alone are worth endorsing. I use plenty of supplements from Ryse (and other companies!) for different reasons, but they all aid my progress in one way or another. Still, a few of them are my tried and true - they're the ones I reach for day in and day out, some more than once a day. You can purchase any of these selections (and more!) here at Phenom, but if you're not local, I'll link the Ryse website at the bottom of this blog, along with my code, so you can save some coin when you try these products for yourself!

**(Code is an affiliate code so I'll get just a lil kickback if you use it - but trust, all opinions below are my own.)**

1. Ryse Supplements Loaded Protein Flavor of the Moment - Loaded Cookie Blast Honorable Mention - Cinnamon Toast You can't go wrong with any flavor of this protein. Ryse intentionally made flavors that were different from others on the market and every single one (from chocolate peanut butter cup to fruity crunch) is spot on. It's a premium whey protein (whey isolate is the primary source) with added MCTs (medium chain tri-glycerides) that will provide more fuel to your shake AND boost your metabolism. It also includes prebiotic fiber to keep the protein easy to digest with no stomach bloat!

2. Ryse Project: Blackout Pre-Workout

Flavor of the Moment - Mango Extreme

Honorable Mention - Tiger's Blood

I think you get the idea - the flavors of these supplements are bomb. I don't have to keep saying it. This pre-workout is my favorite. It is a high-stimulant pre-workout that also includes plenty of ingredients like beta-alanine + betaine-anhydrous for pump. This pre-workout not only contains an impressive amount of caffeine (410 mg!) it also includes ingredients to help you have laser-focus, so you can put that high-octane energy to good use in the gym.

3. Ryse BCAA + EAA

Flavor of the Moment - Peach Mango Tea

Honorable Mention - Tropical SnoCone

I've used a BCAA supplement for years. It's instrumental to have on hand for every kind of athlete of all ages, but it has become even more important as I age. Every good BCAA supplement will help with muscle recovery and soreness. This one is better than others for several reasons. It's a complete supplement that contains both BCAAs + EAAs (this stands for "branch chain amino acids" and "essential amino acids.") Some of the more standard, basic formulas only contain the BCAAs. This supplement also includes electrolytes, sourced from powdered coconut water, optimizing my hydration as I recover my workout and go about my day. I love to sip on this all day - plus it's so delicious it can help with cravings, particularly when I'm cutting.

If you're interested in any of these products or if you have more questions, you can email the gym directly at - or just swing by! I also mentioned that you can visit the Ryse Supplements website here to pick up some products of your own. Use my code "RGALLAGHER5710" to save yourself some money on your new goodies.

Thanks for reading and I'm sure I'll see you at Phenom soon.

- Ron G.

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