Spilling the Tea on BCAAs

Over here at #PhenomFitnessNC, we are huge on supplements. We pride ourselves in having the best, most advanced and cutting edge supplements on the market and are always trying to provide you with the newest thing. Now obviously, the supplement industry isn't the most well regulated (at all) and there is no such thing as a magic pill. There's no supplement that will help you reach your goals overnight without also having your nutrition and workouts on point too. BUT our most recommended product is something that can help you in a plethora of ways that we believe every athlete should use. It's also something very common and has been around for years - branch chain amino acids (BCAAs for short.)

Amino acids are the actual "building blocks" of proteins (& by default, our muscles.) When we lift weights & put ourselves through good, strenuous workouts, our muscle fibers are put under strain and torn. As they repair and knit themselves back together, they become bigger and stronger. (Clearly this is not the most scientific of terms, but you get the gist.) BCAA supplements are best known by providing your body with these "building blocks" so that your muscles recover back faster & better. But BCAAs are good for more than just recovery! Read on...

  1. BCAAs can decrease muscle soreness. After a hard workout, it's common to feel sore for a day or two afterwards. We've all been there after an extra tough leg day. Research has found that by supplementing with BCAAs, athletes can decrease muscle fatigue during the workout AND the post-workout muscle soreness (Kim, Kim, Jeong and Lee, 2013.)

  2. BCAAs can strengthen the immune system. Obviously our immunity is even more important during a pandemic, and even after we've got COVID19 under control, we will still be concerned about it in the years after. We all want to protect ourselves from illness! In one scientific study, long term use of a BCAAs supplement by athletes was found to improve immune system response. BCAAs can be used as fuel by immune cells within your gut, allowing your immune system to regenerate more quickly and boost its defenses (Zhang et. al, 2017.)

  3. BCAAs could help you burn more fat.** If part of your fitness/wellness goal is to lose weight, BCAAs are useful for you, too! In one study, wrestlers on a high protein, caloric deficit diet lost more weight when supplementing with BCAAs than those that didn't. (Mourier et. al, 1997.) In another study, lifters given 14g of BCAAs supplement lost more body fat than those not taking the BCAAs. They also gained more muscle mass! (Stoppani et. al, 2009.) ** Diet culture is useless drivel - work with a trainer to lose fat in a healthful, sustainable way.

Clearly BCAAs are an excellent supplement choice. Even better, the ones we carry are complete (meaning they have EAAs aka essential amino acids as well) and electrolytes for hydration to add even more benefits.

Got more questions? We are here to help, and we'd love to help you on your fitness path. As we continue to expand (and as we move into our new location this month!!!) we will carry even more of the best supplementation around.

- Team Phenom Fitness

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